I live for a good Sequin top- Dinner and Drinks

blk and gold sequin top 2

Whether im heading out on a dinner date or just out  for a fun night to the movies to see Girl Trip ( hint hint amigas) I love me some sequin. I have noticed that when i shop in department stores, the material is shabby or the  sequin looks so damn cheap. I have been purchasing sequin items for years now. It may stem from all the tap costumes I use to wear when i was in dance school  or my inspiration from Golden girls, either way, I truly feel like these tops are timeless. This black and gold top which I like to call ” Dinner and drinks  will be available on the site by the end of the day!

Dinner and Drinks fits a  S/M

blk and gold sequin top

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Thrifty Thursday


Woke up this morning feeling great. As a school teacher  on summer break,  I can get use to not waking up to an alarm clock each day however, today I woke up with urgency to hit the thrift shop. I just knew a vintage piece  was there waiting for me to rescue it off the racks. Girl, I got dressed, started the car and realized that Wednesday has come and gone as so has the great sale at the Salvation army. (yep. Wednesday thrifting is  a game changer. get yo life. )

For some odd reason, I like to get dolled up before I hit the shops. ya know, so when I try things on I can get a real glimpse as to how im gon  rock the look. DSC_0023


 follow my blog so you can see the pieces I got this ” thrifty Thursday” ! I will have items up after I wash these bad boys. (the life of a thrifter)




Calm Mitch Match

mitch set


Got this Floral top from Good Will store out in San Antonio Texas a few years back.  In March, I went on a hunt to Island Thrift in Long island, and got this gorgeous knee length skirt. These pieces were made for each other.

You welcome.

The silk top is so dainty and calm. This top is perfect  for work with navy  trousers. ooo. Get to the job and set the tone girl

mitch two piece set floral 2mitch two piece set floral

photography fun


Ive purchased a  Sony a5000 camera about a year ago and Im finally getting the hang of it. When I travel  i distress by working on my photograhy skills by the beach. Pictures are so powerful. Captivating

Model: TorishaBryan


Had this shoot out in Costa Rica . the colors were amazing. She looks beautiful and calm peep how that Mac, Flat out fabulous lip just goes perfect. work girl #wepa

Model: Shameeka

how do you know when you’re ready?

Life is great. Im growing, im learning and loving those dearest to me. I have an entire month to relax ( or explore) before I begin my new career. As many of you know, I just returned from Costa Rica a few weeks ago with a  group of seven talented women. This time around I think im ready to fly solo. yep, solo dolo no friends, not meeting anyone when the plane lands.no one but me! So how does one know when they’re ready to fly solo? It takes great courage, self awareness and confidence to go solo and finally in 2016, Journee is ready. Its starting to get real now that I have to decide which countries I will visit,activities etc.  because once again, its all up to me!

Im pondering on the idea of staying at  a hostel! This is definitely going to be life changing and adventurous. Once I make up my Gemini mind and decide where im headed, then I will start packing up and preparing for an awesome 2 weeks away on my own lil Journee. Screenshot_2016-05-29-09-02-20-1

please share any tips/advice you may have for a first time solo traveler! 


Costa Rica 2016


So for my birthday this year, we decided it was time to see what the fuss was about in Costa Rica.We  took a late flight and arrived early next morning.Once we settled in and received our  Costa Rica stamp, we  quickly got into formation and hit the streets of San jose.

We stayed two nights at the Park Inn by Radisson the service was decent however the restaurant in the hotel was delicious.cr2016

Next Morning  we took a 4 hour private  shuttle ride over to Puerto Viejo. To save on time, we left San Jose at 6 am and arrived in Puerto Viejo in time for Breakfast!

Thanks Bryan (below) for arranging transportation. My friends are truly beautiful. DSC01930

I love tanning on the beach however it was rainy season so i didn’t get much of a tan. 



Happy birthday Tori, hope you also had a marvelous time in Costa Rica

cr- bday gals

Stay tuned I will be postng more pics from the experience here on my page.


look at this beauty.

beautiful size8 dress i picked up in Texas

beautiful size8 dress i picked up in Texas

Beautiful beaded knee length dress. I just think dresses like these never go out of style. I purchased this dress at small thrift store out in Houston. The shops were very organized and it seemed as though shoppers were just ignoring the  true gems  ( well, in my eyes) . sequin2

Yes, I was in second position while shooting.

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